Shenna’s Weight Loss Journey

I am Shenna Shotwell, owner of Compass Weight Loss.  I am accompanied in business by my partner, Dr. Cheryl Hanly of Creedmoor Wellness Center.

In February, some very good friends of ours, who also happen to be chiropractors, introduced us to a weight loss program.  We saw the amazing weight loss transformation in the two of them.  This program brought results that none of us had seen before in regards to weight loss.  So, we bought the franchise so that we could bring this type of weight loss to our patients.

This program was developed by a chiropractor, for chiropractors.  The nutrition part of the plan has been thoroughly tested and studied.  His wife is a registered dietician and has been teaching about emotional eating disorders for over 25 years.

I began my journey on May 7th of 2019 and I weighed in at an even 166 pounds.  On July 6th, I weighed in at 152.2 pounds.  I had lost almost 14 pounds.  More importantly, I went from a very tight size 14 to a baggy size 10 in two months!  At age 59, that is remarkable!  

We are very excited to bring this program to our community.  It is a metabolic jumpstart that focuses on changing the chemistry of the body to improve its own metabolism and revs up the internal fat burning system.  This short-term weight loss  program has been proven to help people remove or lessen the amount of medications they are taking for blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and more.  

For me, this has been the easiest diet plan I have ever followed.  There are no points or calories to count.  There is no special food to buy.  No shots, no pills.  It is a fool proof and safe weight loss program for just about anyone who is ready to take it on.  The results of our patients and myself speak for themselves!  Every one of our participants is losing weight at a rapid rate and every one of them is very happy with their results!  There are a few who still don’t believe their weight loss is happening so quickly!

Below are photos of my journey, so far.  You can plainly see my own weight loss transformation!  I have removed my personal flotation device from my midsection!  You can color me happy!!!

Give us a call at 919-528-7290 to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Cheryl and let’s see if this program can help you too!  Mention where you saw this for a 10% discount on your customized weight loss plan!  Yes, we can help you….even if you are not local.

What some of our customers are saying...

Betty-McAllister June 4, 2019 at 155.4 pounds
July 18, 2019 - 142.2 pounds