Products for Wellness

pH Test Strips

120ct – Tests Body pH Levels for Alkaline & Acid Levels Using Saliva & Urine. Track & Monitor Your pH Balance & A Healthy Diet, Get Accurate Results in s. pH Scale 4.5 – 9

Water Bottles

Stay hydrated in style with a sleek bottle that takes care of your favorite drink.  Minimize plastic bottles in the landfills while carrying your water with your own personal style!

Best Body Fat Monitors

Imagine…  Having an amazing scale that can measure more than just your weight!  While body fat monitors were once only available to personal trainers, dietitians, and other health experts, now you can easily check your body fat percentage at home.

pH Alkaline Water, available anywhere, anytime!

Alkaline Water Ionizer and Filtration System
Why not have a system that converts any sink into a healthy and delicious alkaline drinking water dispenser by removing bacteria, chemicals, and other harmful impurities from the water and infusing it with energy, ions, antioxidants, and other beneficial elements.
Digital Kitchen Food Scales
You don’t need to guess anymore!
Organic Stevia
Wholesome Organic Stevia is the perfect natural replacement for artificial sweeteners.